Kecenderungan Turnover Intention Pada Perawat Dampak dari Beban Kerja

Tendency to Turnover Intention in Nurses’ Impact of Workload


  • Maria Rista Okstoria Rumah Sakit Hermina Mekarsari


turnover intention, nurse, workload


Introduction: The turnover intention is the desire of employees to leave the company voluntarily or involuntarily caused of various factors including work roles and stress, violence in the workplace, work environment and experience, organizational system and climate, job satisfaction and fatigue, and motivation at work. The workload is one of the factors that affect the high turnover of nurses.

Methods: The design of this study was a cross-sectional study conducted at Hermina Mekarsari Hospital, Cileungsi, West Java between October and December 2021. The sample in this study was 109 people who were taken randomly. The data was obtained using a questionnaire. Data on workload and turnover intention were analyzed using chi-square to get an estimate of the relationship between variables.

Results: Nurses who had a high turnover intention of 51,4% and 83,5% of nurses showed a high workload. The high level of turnover is intended report in nurses who had a high workload and a p-value of 0,002 meaning (p <0,05) with an OR of 3,31; 95% CI.

Discussion: High workload will lead to high turnover intentions also because the performance of nurses with high workloads will create fatigue and increase the desire to move from the workplace. The workload is an important determinant of nurses' turnover intention.