Hubungan Penerapan Sistem Manajemen Keselamatan Dan Kesehatan Kerja (SMK3) Terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Pada PT. ABC

Relationship Of Safety and Health Management System Working On Employees Performance In ABC Company


  • Beti Adika Putri Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju



policy, planning, the implementation, inspection, review management, employee performance


Introduction: The role of the company's progress is determined quality of its workforce. Safety factor is important because it relates to employee performance.

Methods: Method that uses total sampling technique to office employees of ABC Company total of 40 people. Statistical testing using chi square test method with the calculation of the decision if the p value <α (0.05) then Ho is rejected, it means that the sample data support the existence of a significant relationship.

Results: The result is a policy obtained p value = 0.000, p-value obtained planning = 1.000, the implementation of the value obtained p = 0.005, p = examination score is 0,005, earned value management review p = 0.585. A significant relationship between policies, implementation and examination of the performance of employees of ABC Company. But also found that the nonexistent relationship between planning and management review on employee performance ABC Company.

Discussion: ABC Company advisable to socialize on the planning, implementation and corporate conduct Safety and Health Management System on an ongoing basis so as to maintain and improve employee performance better.