Hubungan Antara Perilaku Keselamatan, Pengetahuan dan Kepatuhan Penggunaan Apd dengan Kejadian Kecelakaan Kerja pada Pekerja Bangunan PT. Adhi Persada Gedung di Proyek Mth 27 Office Suite Jakarta Tahun 2021

The Relationship Between Safety Behavior, Knowledge and Compliance with the Use of Ppe with the Event of Work Accidents in Building Workers PT. Adhi Persada Gedung in Mth 27 Office Suite Project Jakarta Year 2021


  • Bunga Saraswati STIKIM



Work Accident, Compliance with the use of PPE, Knowledge, Behavior


Introduction: A work accident is an unwanted event or event that is detrimental to humans, damages
property or losses to the process. This study aims to determine the relationship between behavior,
knowledge, and compliance with the use of PPE with the incidence of work accidents in construction
workers in 2021.
Methods: This type of research is quantitative with a cross sectional research design, namely research
that observes subjects with an approach and is carried out only once. The sample is construction
workers as many as 133 construction workers. Instruments in this study using measurements and
questionnaires regarding behavior, knowledge and compliance with the use of PPE. Data analysis was
performed univariate and bivariate using chi-square test.
Results: Based on the results of the study, it was found that there was a relationship between Safety
Behavior, (p=0.021), Knowledge (p=0.043), Compliance with the Use of PPE (p=0.030) and the
incidence of work accidents among construction workers in the MTH 27 Office Suite Project.
Discussion: It can be concluded that work accidents that occur in construction workers at the MTH 27
Office Suite Project in 2021 are influenced by the lack of knowledge workers about the risks or
hazards that exist in the workplace and also the lack of safety behavior (Safety Behavior) by
construction workers such as not complying with the use of PPE, does not comply with work
procedures and also does not comply with K3 signs which can lead to unwanted events or work