Hubungan Gaya Hidup Dengan Kejadian Hipertensi Pada Lansia Di Desa Gunungsari Ciranjang Tahun 2021

Relationship between Lifestyle and Hypertension in the Elderly in Gunungsari Village Ciranjang in 2021


  • Adinda Putri Handayani Universitas Indonesia Maju



lifestyle, the incidence of hypertension, elderly


Introduction: Hypertension has become a major problem in world health. One billion people in the world suffer from hypertension two-thirds of them are in developing countries. Middle-low income. The prevalence of hypertension will continue to increase sharply. Hypertension has resulted in deaths occurring in Southeast Asia, where a third of the population suffers from hypertension. Hypertension is closely related to human lifestyle. The lifestyle of the elderly also affects the occurrence of emerging diseases. Lifestyle is broadly defined as a person’s lifestyle in the world which is expressed in his activities, interests, and opinions. Lifestyle describes the whole person who interacts with his environment.

Methods: This research is quantitative with the design of correlation research using a cross-sectional design, and random sampling data retrieval techniques using informant questionnaire sheets in this study 60 people were determined by random sampling methods and statistical tests using the Chi-Square test.

Results: The results of the statistical test showed that there was a Lifestyle Mutation with The Incidence of Hypertension in the Elderly in Gunungsari Ciranjang Village in 2021 with the results of the statistical test p-value = < 0,05) therefore H0 was rejected and Ha was accepted.

Discussion: Conclusion that there is a lifestyle relationship with the incidence of hypertension in the elderly in Gunungsari Ciranjang Village in 2021.