Hubungan Pola Asuh, Lingkungan Dan Stimulus Terhadap Kemandirian Dalam Hand Hygiene Pada Anak Pra-Sekolah Di TK Kristen Gideon Kalabahi Tahun 2022

The Relationship of Parenting, Environment, and Stimulus to Independence in Hand Hygiene in Pre-School Children in Gideon Kalabahi Christian Kindergarten in 2022


  • Veronika Vidensia Tanesib Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Alor



environment, stimulus, independence, hand hygiene, children pre-school , pattern parenting


Introduction: Independence is the ability of somebody to respond to what to do with a little help or without help from other people. Existing independence on self child age early could support them in self arrange alone like decision making, problem solution, self believe, social skills, and interpersonal intelligence. WHO considers cleanliness of hands very urgent so we set October 15th as the Day Hand Wash Worldwide. Report Riskesdas in 2018, population data were obtained Indonesia as much as 49,8% already have the habit of washing hands the right way. Purpose: for knowing connection pattern foster, environment, and stimulus to independence in hand hygiene on a child pre-Gideon Kalabahi Christian Kindergarten in 2022.

 Methods: Research this use approach quantitative with design studies cross-sectional. Sample whole Gideon Kalabahi Christian Kindergarten student and the master totaling 80 respondents. Instrument use questionnaire as well as sheet observation.

 Results: Test statistics chi-square obtained Mark p-value that is 0,003 <ꭤ= 0,05 there is a connection among pattern foster and independence in hand hygiene, there is the connection between the stimulus and independence in hand hygiene Mark p-value 0,007 <ꭤ= 0,05 and no there is connection Among environment and independence in hand hygiene Mark p-value is 0,021 <ꭤ= 0,05.

 Discussion: Parents hope as a nanny first could control, guide, and accompany their son going to maturity, because its stimulation with method invites a child to play, sing, and various other activities as well as create a nice environment so that child could grow optimally.