Analisa Pengaruh Pemberian Informasi Tentang Persiapan Operasi Sectio Ceasarea Dengan Pendekatan Komunikasi Terapeutik Terhadap Tingkat Kecemasan Pasien Pre-Operasi

Analysis of the Influence of Giving Information about Preparation for Cesarean Section with Therapeutic Communication Approach on the Anxiety Level of Pre-Operative Patients


  • Regina Novi Apecta Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak (RSIA) Tiara Cikupa



Provision of Saluri (One Egg a Day), Stunting Toddler Height


Introduction: Stunting is one of the most common child health problems in the world. Eggs contain essential amino acids that stimulate muscle protein synthesis. The Pakuhaji Community Health Center, Tangerang Banten Regency, obtained quite high data on stunting under five in 2021 there were 162. The Community Health Center is trying to provide animal food in the form of giving One Egg One Day (Saluri), the program has only been implemented this month in October 2022.

Methods: Quasy experiment with a one-group pretest-posttest design method. The sample was 39 toddlers who experienced stunting in October 2022 using a purposive sampling technique. Intervention giving one item a day for 3 months. Bivariate analysis using the Wilcoxon test.

Results: The results of the univariate study of stunting toddlers' height before the administration of saluri averaged = 74,81 cm after the administration of salivation averaged = 79,00 cm. Bivariate research results with p = 0,000.

Discussion: Giving saluri (one egg per day) is effective for height in stunting toddlers. It is hoped that stunted toddler mothers can take good care of their toddlers and pay attention to their intake of foods that contain high animal protein, one of which is by giving one egg a day routinely and obediently in order to increase bone growth and toddler brain development so that stunting can be overcome.