Perilaku Caring Perawat Mempengaruhi Kepatuhan Pasien Kanker dalam Menjalani Kemoterapi

Caring Behavior of Nurses Affects Cancer Patient's Compliance in Undergoing Chemotherapy


  • Ina Trisnawati RSAL Mintohardjo Jakarta



Introduction: Adherence to chemotherapy is still an appropriate problem for cancer patients. One of the influencing factors is nurse caring behavior.

Methods: The study design used a quantitative study with a crose sectional approach in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. The population in this study were all cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy recorded in medical records in the RSAL DR Mintohardjo numfor room February-September 2020. The sampling technique was total sampling. The sample in this study may be 63 respondents. The research instrument used a standard caring behavior questionnaire. This study uses chi square analysis.

Results: The results of statistical tests using the chi-square test obtained p value = 0.000.

Discussion: There is a significant relationship between nurse caring behavior and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.