Pengaruh Pemberian Green Bean Juice Terhadap Peningkatan Hemoglobin Pada Ibu Hamil Dengan Anemia Di PMB LT Jatirahayu

The Effect of Giving Green Bean Juice on Increasing Hemoglobin in Pregnant Women with Anemia at PMB LT in Jatirahayu


  • Sri Utami BMP Bidan Lina Tamara Amd. Keb. SKM



green bean extract, anemia


Introduction: Red blood cells contain an iron protein called Hemoglobin which binds and distributes oxygen to the body's cells. In anemia conditions, the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin is reduced so that oxygen is not supplied properly and the patient complains of weakness and paleness. During pregnancy, women sometimes experience deficiencies in micronutrients such as zinc. So, grams need to be careful and consult with a doctor about what the body needs to prevent the fetus from developing. The content of zinc and iron in green beans also has benefits for pregnant women or pregnant women. Not only these two ingredients can also reduce the risk of premature babies.

Methods: The design of this study used an experimental method (pre-test) with a one-group pre-test-post-test design.

Results: The results of the T-test showed that the t-count value was-7617 with a p-value (0,000) less than 0,05.

Discussion: Giving green beat extract has an effect in increasing Hemoglobin levels in pregnant women with anemia at PMB LT Jatirahayu, Pondok Melati District, Bekasi Regency. Socialization or campaigns about giving mung bean extract as a treatment in increasing Hemoglobin levels in pregnant women with anemia need to be carried out by PMB in order to increase Hemoglobin levels.