Hubungan Pengetahuan, Motivasi, serta Dukungan Orang Tua dengan Kejadian Pernikahan Usia Dini pada Remaja Putri di Desa Simpang Rimba

The Relationship between Knowledge, Motivation and Parental Support with the Incidence of Early Marriage among Young Women in Simpang Rimba Village


  • Nurwiyani Universitas Indonesia Maju Jakarta, Indonesia



knowledge, motivation, parental support, early marriage


Introduction: Underage marriage, also known as early marriage, is a marriage that should not be carried out because there is no physical and spiritual readiness to be able to carry out marriage or early marriage is a bond between two persons of the opposite sex between a woman and a man who are in their teens. to live together in a family bond. Knowledge, motivation, and parental support are factors that influence the incidence of early marriage in female adolescents.

Methods: This study used a descriptive analytic with a cross-sectional survey design and primary data by distributing questionnaires. The sampling technique was total sampling with a sample of 45 people.

Results: The results in this study are that there was a relationship between Knowledge with the incidence of early marriage (p-value 0,009); motivation with the incidence of early marriage (p-value 0,038); and parental support with the incidence of early marriage (p-value 0,040).

Discussion: There is a relationship between the variables of knowledge, motivation, and parental support with the incidence of early marriage for young women in Simpang Rimba Village in 2022. Suggestions for young women to increase their knowledge about the meaning of marriage so they can determine the right time and not rush to decide to marry at an early age.