Hubungan Beban Kerja Dengan Stress Perawat Di IGD RSUD Leuwiliang Tahun 2021

The Relationship of Workload with Nurses in Emergency Room at Leuwiliang Hospital in 2021


  • Mila Karmila RSUD Leuwiliang Kabupaten Bogor


workload, stress, nurses, emergency response, hospital


Introduction: Nursing services are part of the health care system in hospitals that have the function of maintaining service quality, but the high workload and stress factors of nurses are thought to cause a decrease in the ability of nurses to provide nursing care which has a direct impact on the quality of nursing services.

Methods: The data method used was descriptive-analytic. The cross-sectional design and data analysis used Chi-Square and SPSS version 18. The research sample was 36 respondents.

Results: The results of this study indicated that there was a significant relationship between workload and work stress of nurses in the emergency room at Leuwiliang Hospital 2021. The existence of a positive correlation between workload and work stress needs to be watched out for and prevented as early as possible. To reduce work stress levels, nurses need to conduct work stress management training so that work performance is optimal

Discussion: The results, from 36 nurses, as many as 21 (58,3%) nurses felt the workload was heavy, 14 (38,9%) of them had heavy work stress, and 7 (19,4%) experienced light work stress. Then from 15 (41,7%) nurses who felt the workload was light, there were 4 (11,1%) nurses who had heavy work stress, and as many as 11 (30,6%) other nurses experienced mild work stress. The analysis results obtained a p-value (0,043) and an OR value of 5,50.