Hubungan Pengetahuan, Dukungan Keluarga, Sumber Informasi Dan Dukungan Tenaga Kesehatan Terhadap Pemanfaatan Pelayanan Metode Kontrasepsi Jangka Panjang (MKJP) Pada Pasangan Usia Subur Di Bidan Praktek Mandiri Rizkasanah Kamillia, Am.Keb Tahun 2020

Relationship of Knowledge, Family Support, Sources of Information and Support of Health Workers on the Use of Long-Term Contraceptive Method Services (MKJP) in Couples of Childbearing Age in Independent Practice Midwives Rizkasanah Kamillia, Am. Keb in 2020


  • Uci Fauziah Universitas Indonesia Maju


female, long-term contraceptive method


Introduction: The Long-Term Contraceptive Method (MKJP) is a method that is used for a long time, effectively with the aim of spacing births for more than 3 years. These types of methods are Intra Uterine Devices (IUD), and implants.

Methods: The use of this method is still quite low in Rizkasanah Practical Midwives for the last 3 years there has been a decline in the use of MKJP, in 2017 there were 20 acceptors, 2018 there were 16 acceptors and in 2019 there were 7 acceptors. The research objective was to determine the relationship between knowledge, family support, information sources, and support of health workers on the use of MKJP in EFA at the Independent Practice Midwife Rizkasanah Kamillia, Am. Keb in 2020. This type of research is descriptive-analytic with an approach quantitative and design cross-sectional. The population and sample were 50 women of childbearing age couples in the Rizkasanah midwife.

Results: The results of the research variables that have a relationship with the use of MKJP at PUS are knowledge (p = 0,02), family support (p = 0,03), sources of information (p = 0,02), and support from health workers. (p = 0,00). Sampling technique Total sampling with a sample size of 50 people. Data collection using questionnaires and Chi-Square statistical tests. The study was conducted in February 2021.

Discussion: It can be concluded that the variables of knowledge, family support, information sources, and support for health workers have a relationship with the use of MKJP at PUS at BPM Rizkasanah.