Hubungan Sikap, Sarana Prasarana Dan Peran Petugas Kesehatan Dengan Perilaku Pemanfaatan Klinik Sanitasi Pasien Puskesmas Cisarua Bogor Tahun 2021

Correlation between Attitudes, Infrastructure, and the Role of Health Workers with the Behavior of Utilizing Patient Sanitation Clinics at the Cisarua Bogor Health Center in 2021


  • Halimathusa Diyah Universitas Indonesia Maju Jakarta, Indonesia


behavior, utilization, sanitation clinic, attitude


Introduction: The utilization of sanitation clinic behavior is still low due to the lack of patient response to the sanitation clinic, the lack of a role for health workers, and the absence of a special room. So that the sanitation clinic program cannot run as expected.

Methods: Quantitative research with a cross-sectional approach. The research sample was 100 respondents using a questionnaire. The existence of inclusion and exclusion criteria, univariate and bivariate analysis with chi-square test.

Results: There is a relationship between attitudes (0,000) OR 2,556 infrastructure (0,000) OR 6,101 and the role of health workers (0,000) OR 5,060 with the behavior of using sanitation clinics for patients at the Cisarua Health Center, Bogor in 2021.

Discussion: Attitudes, availability of infrastructure, and the role of health workers in The Cisarua Health Center are in a good category, although there are still some that are not good. So it is necessary to increase the role of health workers, which greatly influences the behavior of Cisarua Health Center patients.