Quick Blood Berhubungan Dengan Tercapainya Nilai Adekuasi Dialisis KT/V Pada Pasien Hemodialisa

Quick Blood Associated with Achieving KT/V Dialysis Adequacy Values in Hemodialysis Patients


  • Karyadi RSUD Kota Bogor


hemodialysis, kt/v, quick blood


Introduction: Adequate hemodialysis is the standard recommended dose to obtain adequate results in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) undergoing hemodialysis. One of them is the kinetic urea KT/V formula. There are several that have the most influence on this KT/V value, one of which is the speed of the blood pump or Quick Blood (QB).

Methods: This study used a cross-sectional quantitative method, with a correlation-type design. The sample taken is 92 respondents. The instrument used an observation sheet of QB and KT/V provided by the researcher.

Results: Hemodialysis patients with Quick Blood 200 ml/minute had an unreached KT/V value of 20 people (95,2%) and only 1 person had an achieved KT/V value (4,8%). In patients with Quick Blood 250 ml/minute who had a KT/V value not achieved as many as 17 people (85,0%) and only 3 people with a KT/V value achieved. Meanwhile, hemodialysis patients with Quick Blood 300 ml/minute had a KT/V value not reached by 1 person (2,0%) and a KT/V value reached by 50 people (98,0%). As well as the correlation test of the two variables, it was found that the p-value was 0,000 (< 0,05).

Discussion: This study aims to determine the relationship between Quick Blood and KT/V dialysis and it was found there is a significant relationship between Quick Blood (QB) and Dialysis KT/V adequacy of hemodialysis patients.