Gambaran Sistem Informasi Pengadaan Barang Medik Dan Non Medik Dengan Mengguakan Aplikasi SIMRS Di Rumah Sakit Grha Permata Ibu Depok Tahun 2022

Description of Medical and Non-Medic Goods Procurement Information System Using the SIMRS Application at Grha Permata Ibu Hospital, Depok in 2022


  • Fani Oktafiani Universitas Indonesia Maju Jakarta, Indonesia


hospital management information system, procurement of medical and non-medical goods


Introduction: The procurement information system namely a series of activities that cover all warehouse parties, can present information about the goods to be ordered, the remaining goods in the warehouse, and the number of requests for goods for each room correctly and quickly in the hospital.8 Integrated SIMRS is a collection of sub-systems that are interconnected to form a single unit and interact with one of the Hospitals to perform data processing starting from data input, then processing, and the output in the form of information.

Methods:  This type of research uses a qualitative research method this study had 3 informants.

 Results:  From the results of in-depth research there are several systems that have not been fulfilled or are still difficult to understand because there are several steps for the SIMRS application but it is still not simple to do.

 Discussion: Based on this conclusion the procurement of medical and non-medical goods has been carried out well, but one of the staff still finds it difficult because the SIMRS application is still new so the staff must study more deeply.