Gambaran Sistem Penyimpanan Obat High Alert Medication (HAM) di Instalasi Farmasi Rumah Sakit

Overview of the High Alert Medication (HAM) Drug Storage System in the Hospital Pharmacy Installation


  • Yulfi Nur Fadhilah Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia



drug storage, high alert medication, pharmacy installation


Introduction: Drug storage aims to maintain the quality of pharmaceutical preparations, avoid irresponsible use, maintain availability, and facilitate search and control. High-alert  medications are drugs that must be watched out for because they often cause very serious errors (Sentinel events) and high-risk drugs can cause unwanted outcomes (adverse outcomes). According to the Minister of Health Regulation No. 72 of  2016  the high alert category is divided into 3, including LASA (Look Alike Sound Alike),  high-electroline electrolyte, and cytostatics. This study aimed to determine the description of the high-alert medication storage system in the Pharmacy Installation of Hospital X Jakarta in 2021

Methods: This study was a descriptive qualitative study. The types of data used in this research are primary and secondary. Primary data were obtained from direct observation, in-depth interviews and document review. The participants of this study consisted of the Head of the Pharmacy Installation, the Implementing Pharmacist, and the Pharmacy Technical Personnel of Hospital X Jakarta.

Results: The results showed that the storage of high alert medication was following the standard operating procedures of the X Jakarta Hospital with good categories for storage of high alert medication, LASA (Look Alike Sound Alike) or NORUM (Similar Speech Drug Name) and storage of concentrated Electrolyte drugs.

Discussion: Based on the data obtained, it can be concluded that it is crucial to improve the quality of storage for the class of medicines that are on high alert. Apart from aiming to improve patient safety, it can provide additional information for health workers to know what high-alert drugs are like. So, if you receive a prescription for high-alert medication, health workers will be more alert and will understand what to do.