Perbedaan Efektivitas Pemberian Putih Telur Dan Ikan Gabus Terhadap Penyembuhan Luka Perineum Ibu Nifas

Differences in the Effectiveness of Giving Egg Whites and Snakehead Fish on Healing Perineal Wounds in Postpartum Mothers


  • Heni Pradita Kurniawati Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Abdi Nusantara


perineum wound healing, egg white, snakehead fish


Introduction: Perineal rupture is an injury to the birth canal that occurs at the time of the baby's birth either using a tool or not using a tool. Wounds on the perineum due to tears or lacerations are areas that are not easy to keep clean and dry. Wound healing processes that are not handled properly can lead to imperfect wound healing. This can cause bleeding not to stop properly or cause infection which can eventually cause death to the mother.

 Methods: Quasy-experimental two groups pre-test-post-test research design. The population in this study were all post-partum women who experienced perineal injuries at the Cempaka Medical Center Maternity Clinic in April 2023 as many as 30 people (15 people treated with egg whites and 15 treated for snakehead fish), using a total sampling technique, namely the sampling method to distinguish certain. The research material uses observation sheets and stationery while the instrument used is a questionnaire sheet.

 Results: The data analysis using the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test obtained a value of Z = -3,669 value: 0,000 where < 0,05 means H0 is rejected and H1 is accepted. In post-partum women with perineal wounds before being given egg white and snakehead fish, all respondents (100%) had bad perineal wounds. After giving egg whites it was not good (20,0%); moderate (30,0%); good (0%); and giving snakehead fish was not good (3,3%); moderate (13.3%); good (33,3%).

 Discussion: Giving egg whites and fish cork can heal perineal wounds. It is hoped that health workers can be used as additional KIE which is of great concern so that post-partum mothers can consume egg whites and fish cork to accelerate perineal wound healing.