Analisis Penerapan Higiene dan Sanitasi di Instalasi Gizi Rumah Sakit Bhayangkara Brimob 2021

Analysis of The Implementation of Hygiene and Sanitation in Nutrient Dept Bhayangkara Brimob Hospital 2021


  • Lisa Rianta Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju (STIKIM)



hygiene and sanitation, nutrition department, hospital


Introduction: Food is a basic human need. In addition to taste, the quality and safety of food must be considered because food can be a medium for spreading and growing pathogenic pathogens. The application of hygiene and food sanitation is one of the efforts that can be done to prevent pathogenic contamination of diseases to food.

Methods: This study uses descriptive qualitative methods that aim to analyze the application of hygiene and food sanitation in the Nutrient Dept Bhayangkara Brimob Hospital including personal hygiene food delivery, food hygiene, environmental sanitation, sanitation facilities, and supervision systems have been implemented properly. The data source in this study was obtained from primary data through observations and in-depth interviews with 6 informants. Secondary data was obtained by the author's documentation and review of the Nutrient Dept Bhayangkara Brimob Hospital document. This research output is expected to be the internal evaluation material of Bhayangkara Brimob Hospital and can be used as an indexed scientific journal with submitted achievements.

Results: The results showed a lack of discipline in implementing hospital Standard Procedure Operational related to the implementation of personal hygiene food, food hygiene has been done well, while facilities, environmental sanitation, and supervision have not run optimally.

Discussion: Improvements related to nutrition service facilities, sanitation facilities, and internal supervision must be carried out routinely and sustainably.