Terapi Akupunktur Dan Formula Herbal Pada Enuresis Nokturnal Refrakter: Laporan Kasus

Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy in Refractory Nocturnal Enuresis: Case Report


  • Willie Japaries Pusat Pengobatan Natural Pluit Jakarta Utara
  • Lismin Dirwanto Program Studi S1 Dharma Usada STAB Nalanda
  • Anton Junardi Program Studi S1 Dharma Usada STAB Nalanda
  • C. Sisilia Indradjaja Program Studi S1 Dharma Usada STAB Nalanda




nocturnal enuresis, acupuncture, herbal therapy, TCM


Introduction: Nocturnal enuresis is a frequently encountered problem among children and adolescents. Conventional treatment usually uses behavioral therapy and alarm system, while complimentary treatment based on TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) uses acupuncture and herbal therapy.

Methods: This is a case report of refractory nocturnal enuresis successfully treated using acupuncture and herbal therapy. The therapy was provided based on accurate diagnosis directed to the etiologic factors of the nocturnal enuresis to bring swift relief for the patient. The therapy’s results were evaluated by the patient-reported outcome measures (PROM).

Results: A 10 year old girl suffering from refractory nocturnal enuresis for years, conventional treatments was unsuccessful, and hence seeks complementary therapy. She was diagnosed suffering from a kidney yang deficiency pattern according to ICD-11, and then successfully treated using acupuncture and herbal therapy notifying the kidney yang. The complaint fades away after just one session of therapy.

Discussion: In this case, the cause of nocturnal enuresis is kidney yang deficiency, hence the method of treatment is to strengthen kidney yang. The use of TCM combination therapy with acupuncture and herbal treatment has been reported to be more effective than single therapy. So, combined acupuncture and herbal therapy based on accurate diagnosis were applied in the patient and proven effective after one treatment in curing the refractory nocturnal enuresis.