Gambaran Rumah Sakit Umum dan Khusus Covid-19 di Provinsi Jawa Timur Tahun 2022

Overview of General and Special Hospital for Covid-19 in East Java Province Year 2022


  • Rofiatun Zakiah Diploma 3 Asuransi Kesehatan Universitas Indonesia Maju
  • Purwani Pujiati Diploma 3 Administrasi Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia Maju



hospital, covid-19, bed, hospital class


Introduction: East Java province has 229 islands, consisting of 162 named islands and 67 unnamed islands, with a beach length of about 2,833.85 km. The number of hospitals in East Java Province changes every year. In connection with the increasing number of patients under surveillance and positive patients infected with Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), it is necessary to increase the number of referral hospitals that handle Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) patients. Based on this explanation, this study wants to identify the description of Covid-19 Special Hospitals and Hospitals in East Java Province in 2022.

Methods: The design of this research was cross-sectional. The data obtained was used to explain the description of the Covid-19 Special Hospital and the Number of Hospitals in East Java in 2022. Researchers searched the document with various data from different sources to enrich data from websites, statistical data, and so on especially data from RS Online The study used table and graph analysis to describe the description of the variables.

Results: Most hospitals were class C and followed by class B, the most ownership was private ownership, followed by local government. There were approximately147 hospitals that handle Covid-19 cases in East Java Province. Based on the accreditation status, there were 101 plenary hospitals, 20 main hospitals, 14 graduated prime hospitals, 9 middle hospitals, and 3 basic hospitals.

Discussion: The availability of Covid-19 hospitals in East Java province makes it easy for the community And help the government  in reducing the number of patients suffering from Covid-19 and it also reduces the death rate due to Covid-19.