Pendistribusian Rekam Medis Pasien di Unit Rawat Jalan Rumah Sakit Ali Sibroh Malisi Jakarta Tahun 2020

Description of Patient's Medical Record Distribution in The Outstanding Unit of Ali Sibroh Malisi Hospital in 2020


  • Oci Etri Nursanty Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju
  • Diba Aulia Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju



distribution, medical record, standard operating procedures


Introduction: A medical record is a file that contains information about a patient's identity, examination, treatment, actions, and other services provided to them at a health care facility. The adoption of a good medical record system must be supported by an optimal medical record distribution system, according to the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No.129 of 2008 concerning Minimum Service Standards in Hospitals. The goal of this study was to explain the medical record distribution system in Ali Sibroh Hospital's outpatient unit in Jakarta.

Methods: This research employed a descriptive strategy in conjunction with a qualitative approach. Three people were interviewed for this study in Ali Sibroh Hospital's outpatient unit in Jakarta.

Results: According to the findings of the study, the medical record distribution system did not operate in line with current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in terms of input, process, and output, even though the medical record installation only had two officers.

Discussion: The medical record officer at the Ali Sibroh Malisi hospital's outpatient installation has not implemented the SOP for the distribution of existing medical records, thus the service's success may be traced back to following the SOP. SOPs "Provision and Distribution of Medical Record Files" were presented as recommendations to be utilized as reference material in amending SOPs