Gambaran Rumah Sakit Di Provinsi Sumatera Selatan Tahun 2022

Overview of Hospital in Province of South Sumatra in 2022


  • Purwani Pujiati Diploma 3 Administrasi Rumah Sakit Universitas Indonesia Maju
  • Rofiatun Zakiah Diploma 3 Asuransi Kesehatan Universitas Indonesia Maju


Hospital, Class Hospital, Population Density, Private Sectors


Introduction: The population density in South Sumatra in 2020 reached 92,45 people/km². The population density in 17 regencies/cities is quite diverse with the highest population density in Palembang City (4,52 thousand people/km² and the lowest in Musi Rawas Utara Regency (31,43 people/km²). It has a potentially severe problem related to population demand for health services with the limited supply of hospitals, medical doctors, and other health personnel in the village Sumatra area in Indonesia. Therefore, this study is to identify the availability of hospitals in the province of South Sumatra in 2022.

Methods: This study used a descriptive approach. The data was obtained from the hospital information system managed by the ministry of health. It was used to explain the hospital in the province of South Sumatra in 2022 by ownership, inpatient class, and type of specific referral hospital. The data were combined from various sources from websites, statistical data, and so on. This study used table and graph analysis for describing and interpreting the result.

Results: Based on the description of hospital ownership in the province of South Sumatra in 2022, it is known that most of the ownership of hospitals in the province of South Sumatra is Regency Government Ownership of as many as 24 hospitals (28%). The largest hospital class in South Sumatra province is Class C of 50 hospitals (58%). Most of the types of hospitals in the province of South Sumatra are general hospitals are 68 hospitals (78%).

Discussion: The availability of hospitals in the province of South Sumatra provides convenience for the community and helps the government control the growth of hospitals. The role of the private sector needs to be further enhanced to increase the availability of health services, especially in the hospital in Sumatra.