Analisis Kebijakan Pengelolaan Sampah Medis Di Puskesmas Hibala Kabupaten Nias Tahun 2022

Policy Analysis of Medical Waste Management at the Hibala Health Center, Nias Regency 2022


  • Fitrinis Agustuani Hondro Universitas Indonesia Maju Jakarta, Indonesia


policy, health center, and medical waste


Introduction: The Community Health Center or Puskesmas as one of the institutions that produce waste, has an obligation to maintain the environment and Public Health and has special responsibilities related to the waste generated. Medical waste produced by Health Centers, if not supported by careful planning and management, will have the potential to have an impact on society and the environment.

 Methods: The research method used was descriptive research with a qualitative approach and including the type of observational research. In data collection techniques, researchers used semi-structured interviews and observation techniques. The type of sampling used was non-probability sampling. with a sampling technique that is purposive sampling. The number of informants in this study was 3 people consisting of the head of the Health Center, health workers, and cleaning staff.

 Results: The results in this study were that the Hibala Health Center does not yet have its own policy and SOP, based on the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 1428/Menkes/SK/XII/2006, the management of medical waste is appropriate, but seen from Permen LHK No. 56 of 2015 the management of medical waste at the Hibala Health Center was not appropriate. In the study, it was found that the waste sorting program at the Hibala Public Health Center was no longer well implemented, the medical waste container is not in accordance with the regulations where medical and non-medical waste is still mixed, there is no special route for transporting the medical waste, there is no temporary shelter for medical waste and the destruction of medical waste using this method. manually, namely by burning medical waste in a special medical waste quarry.

 Discussion: It is hoped that the Hibala Health Center will make Standard Operating Procedures in medical waste management, conduct training programs for medical waste management officers, and the placement of human resources in accordance with the qualifications and competencies.