Gambaran Penyimpanan Dan Pendistribusian Sediaan Farmasi Di Gudang Logistik Medis Rumah Sakit TK IV Cijantung Kesdam Jaya Tahun 2022

Overview of Storage And Distribution of Pharmaceutical Preparations in the Medical Logistics Warehouse TK IV Cijantung Hospital, Kesdam Jaya in 2022


  • Denis Laras Sandita Universitas Indonesia Maju Jakarta, Indonesia


storage, distribution, pharmaceutical preparations, logistics


Introduction: Pharmaceutical logistics management is a management field whose task is specifically to take care of the logistics of pharmaceutical preparations and medical equipment in the health service. Storage and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations is a very important stage in the pharmaceutical logistics management cycle because the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations is an activity that regulates and guarantees the condition of pharmaceutical preparations to avoid damage and expiration. Compliance with standards in the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations can help reduce hospital losses caused by damage and expiration.

 Methods: This study uses a qualitative observational research method that is descriptive in nature, through data collection that is carried out in an observative manner to show an overview of the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations.

Results: Research shows that the pharmaceutical preparations in the medical logistics warehouse are mostly good and according to standards. For the distribution of pharmaceutical preparations from the medical logistics warehouse to the pharmacy, it can be said that it is not good, because the use of the distribution system is still not in accordance with the standards, because it only uses the floor stock system.

Discussion: The storage and distribution of pharmaceutical preparations still need to be improved, especially in the distribution section which is still not up to standard. Human resources and infrastructure also still need improvement both in terms of quality and quantity.