Hubungan Sanitasi Tempat, Pemeliharaan Peralatan, Dan Hygiene Operator Depot Air Minum Isi Ulang Dengan Kualitas Bakteriologis (Escherichia Coli) Di Kecamatan Cempaka Putih Tahun 2021

The Relationship Between Sanitation Place, Equipment Maintenance, and Operator Hygiene Refilled Drinking Water Depot with Bacteriological Quality (Escherichia Coli) in Cemaka Putih Sub-District in 2021


  • Oktavia Rostiana Labkesda DKI Jakarta


e. coli, place sanitation, equipment maintenance, operator hygiene


Introduction: This study aims to determine the relationship between Sanitation of  Places, Maintenance of Equipment, and Hygiene of Refill Drinking Water Depot Operators on bacteriological quality (Escherichia Coli) in Cempaka Putih District in 2021.

Methods: This type of research is quantitative research with the analytic observational method with a cross-sectional research design for knowing the causal relationship between two variables in a situation or group of subjects is done to see the relationship between one variable the population of this study was refilled drinking water depots in the Cempaka Putih District with a population of 30 refilled drinking water depots. Determination of different samples using total sampling obtained as many as 30 respondents. Data collection using questionnaires and laboratory tests was then processed and analyzed univariate and bivariate.

Results: The analysis results obtained show that there is a relationship between place sanitation (p-value = 0,000); place maintenance (p-value = 0,017); and operator hygiene (p-value = 0,000) to bacteriological quality (Escherichia Coli) at the Ai Drinking Fill Depot. Repeat in Cempaka Putih District in 2021.

Discussion: The owner of a refill drinking water depot must pay attention to hygiene and sanitation practices and check the quality of drinking water so that it is not contaminated with bacteria.