Hubungan Massage Punggung, Senam Hamil, Kompres Hangat Terhadap Intensitas Nyeri Pada Persalinan

Relationship of Back Massage, Pregnancy Exercise, Warm Compresses to Pain Intensity in Labor


  • Sri Rakhmawati RSUD Pagelaran Kabupaten Cianjur


research methods, labor pain, research objectives


Introduction: Labor pain is pain caused by the appearance of contractions of the uterine muscles, hypoxia of the contracting muscles, stretching of the cervix when opening, ischemia of the uterine corpus, and stretching of the lower uterine segment. Preliminary studies show that there are 315 people stating ignorant of how to deal with pain in labor. The research was conducted to determine the relationship between back massage, pregnancy exercise, warm compresses, and the intensity of pain during labor at Pagelaran Cianjur Hospital in 2023.

Methods: The research was conducted using a questionnaire with research subjects involving 176 samples of mothers who experienced labor pain in the Delivery Room of Pagelaran Hospital Cianjur in 2023.

Results: The results of the chi-square test showed that 25 (14%) did not do back massage, experienced severe pain and 145 (92%) did light back massage. Of the respondents who did not do pregnancy exercise as many as 23 (13%) experienced severe pain and respondents who did pregnancy exercise experienced mild pain as many as 145 (93%), respondents who did not do warm compresses as much as 53 (30%) experienced severe pain and compressed Warm as many as 123 (70%) experienced mild pain p-value 0,000 (<.0.05),

Discussion: The conclusion from this study was that pain reduction techniques such as back massage, pregnancy exercise, and warm compresses were expected to be carried out not only during research but can be applied or taught to every birthing mother who experiences labor pain so that the birthing mother feels comfortable.