Hubungan Pengawasan Atasan, Penghargaan Prestasi, dan Lingkungan Kerja Terhadap Sikap Kerja Staf Kedeputian Bidang Kebijakan dan Data Kepesertaan BPJS Kesehatan

Supervisory Relationships, Achievement Rewards, and Work Environment on Staff Work Attitude Deputy for Participation Policy and Data BPJS


  • Renny Bertilia Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Agustina Sari Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Rahma Yeni Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia



achievement, attitude, environment, leadership, performance


Introduction: Employee work attitudes influence the achievement of company goals. Employees who have a high work attitude will have high-performance abilities, whereas employees who have a negative work attitude will have low rational employee performance. This research aimed to determine the relationship between superior supervision, achievement awards, and the work environment on the work attitudes of deputy staff in the field of policy and BPJS health membership data at the head office in 2023.

 Methods: The research design used a quantitative, descriptive analytical approach with a cross-sectional correlation approach, research at the BPJS office Center from June 2023 to July 2023 with a sample of 30 respondents, using a total sampling technique. Data processing used SPSS version 25 with univariate and bivariate analysis.

 Results: The results of the research show that there was a significant relationship between the independent and dependent variables, in the relationship between supervisor supervision variables and achievement awards on work attitudes, the p-value = 0.000, and on the relationship between work environment variables and work attitudes, p-value = 0.001.

 Discussion: Companies are advised to create a program to improve work attitudes with clear objectives and be evaluated on an ongoing basis, carry out skills development education and training, provide direction from superiors to provide freedom for creativity, provide appropriate and fair rewards, and provide a comfortable workspace.