Determinan Kualitas Pelayanan Aplikasi JKN Mobile Di RS Hermina Bekasi Tahun 2023

Determinants of Service Quality in the JKN Mobile Application at Hermina Bekasi Hospital in 2023


  • Ismail Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Nina Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Rofi'atun Zakiah Universitas Indonesia Maju, Jakarta, Indonesia



application, determinant, JKN mobile, quality, service, servqual


Introduction: To improve services to National Health Insurance-Indonesia Healthy Card (JKN-KIS) participants, on September 15 2017 BPJS Health released the "JKN Mobile" application. To become a facility that can make it easier for JKN-KIS participants or prospective participants in administrative activities which are usually carried out at branch offices. BPJS Health represents the digital transformation of the business model as a medium for administrative services for participants.

 Methods: The method used in this research was descriptive with a quantitative approach. ServQual analysis is based on quality dimensions, namely reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangible, and empathy. 100 respondents were using an accidental sampling technique.

 Results: The results of the Servqual assessment in all quality dimensions were included in the very good category because there were no minus values, which means that the quality of online JKN services perceived by users has exceeded their expectations. The ranking of dimensions based on service quality is the first, the tangibles dimension with a gap value of 0.218, exceeding expectations, then the reliability dimension in second place with a gap value of 0.173, then third place, namely assurance with a gap value of 0.165, then responsiveness in fourth place, and finally the dimension empathy.

 Discussion: It is recommended that BPJS add the required features, advertise in print and electronic media, place special information outlets in health facilities, hold public seminars, and disseminate information via social media.