Analisis Risiko Kecelakaan Kerja Pada Pekerja Ketinggian Dengan Metode HIRARC Di Proyek MTH 27 Ofice Suite PT X Tahun 2021

Work Accident Risk Analysis on Height Workers Using The HIRARC Method in The MTH 27 Office Suite Project PT X in 2021


  • Annis Fitrialita Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju



risk, work accident, HIRARC


Introduction: Work accidents in Indonesia have increased, especially for tall workers. At the end of September 2019, the total number of work accidents was 130,923 cases in Indonesia. Several work accidents that occurred at the MTH 27 officer project such as the danger of falling, slipping, being hit by material from a height, electric shock from a welding tool, being exposed to welding sparks, material falling, eye irritation, respiratory problems, and hearing loss

Methods: This study aimed to determine the risk of work accidents in height workers at the MTH 27 project using the HIRARC method.

Results: The results of study 1) The results of the identification found that the types of work in the company were glass/door installation, chipping/slumping, wall plastering, and cleaning areas. 2) The results of the assessment of the risk of work accidents for high-ranking workers had a low-risk level, namely cleaning areas, medium risk, plaster and wall plaster, and high risk, which is found in the installation of window/door glass. 3) Controls that had been carried out by the company were wearing masks while working, using helmets, providing adequate lighting, being careful at work, using machines in good condition.

Discussion: Suggestions from this study need to do regular supervision because workers were found violated work safety such as not wearing PPE, more often do training activities for workers to increase knowledge and awareness of workers about the importance of implementing K3 at every job.