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The Relationship of Knowledge, Availability, and Supervision With The Attitude of The Use Of Personal Protection Equipment In Firefighters


  • Rismawati Risma Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan Indonesia Maju



knowledge, availability supervision, attitude toward using PPE


Introduction: Firefighting is a job that has a high level of risk of danger such as accidents at work and occupational diseases that cause disability and even death. Firefighters have unpredictable work environments for every possibility, it takes experience education, and the use of personal protective equipment to protect firefighters from the dangers and risks of their jobs. Work accidents and occupational diseases are caused because workers do not comply with existing regulations and have poor behavior in the use of personal protective equipment so there can be a risk of accidents. This research aims to find out the Relationship between Knowledge, Availability, and Supervision with the Attitude of The Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Firefighters in the Fire and Rescue Service Tribe of East Jakarta Municipality of DKI Jakarta Province in 2021.

 Methods: The methods in this study use quantitative research with a cross-sectional design. The population in this study was 381 people and a sample of 195 people with sampling techniques using purposive sampling. The instrument in the study was to use questionnaires. Data analysis is performed univariate and bivariate using the chi-square test.

Results: Based on the results of the study, there is a relationship between Knowledge (p = 0.050), Availability (p = 0.009), and Supervision (p = 0.033) with the attitude toward the use of personal protective equipment on firefighters in the East Jakarta Provincial Fire and Rescue Service Tribe in 2021.

Discussion: The advice that can be given by researchers is to provide complete personal protective equipment and sufficient by the standard of 6 sets per car per sector, conducting supervision in the field related to the use of Personal Protective Equipment when the fire incident, make a schedule for OHS coaching schedule or once a week when there are days gathered together to increase knowledge more broadly.